Wien’s Irreverent Review of Super Bowl Advertising

By | February 3rd, 2017|

This year’s crop of advertisements were particularly challenging within our polarized political environment and the increasing amount of pressure to break through the clutter by being both provocative and memorable.  So here is my irreverent review of what we saw.  I evaluated each on three criteria: Did the creative break through the clutter of incredibly talented advertising? (Many polls are just popularity contests and just stop here.) Was the message relevant and did it reflect positively on the brand? While the viewers might remember the commercial, will they remember correctly who paid $5 million to get their message out to the masses? Audi spent $10 million telling people in an emotional way that Audi is committed to equal pay for equal work.  The challenge in this politically polarized environment is that there will be a lot of people that love this commercial and hate this commercial and it will have [...]