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Success in business today is driven primarily by the ability to attract new customers. For franchise owners, attracting and retaining customers at the local level is especially important.

Mike weaves relevant stories from his business and triathlon careers into educational and interactive half- and full-day workshops. Leaders in entrepreneurial organizations and franchise owners/operators walk away with a localized marketing plan that leverages their existing marketing tool kit in combination with real world ideas that are easy to implement.

Customized to address the needs of each business, Mike shares ideas and tools for emerging or rapidly growing organizations and franchises to successfully compete with their “Goliath” competitors by out-witting, out-thinking, and out-maneuvering their competitors.

Participants learn how to deepen relationships with existing customers, as well as attract potential customers by understanding their specific market segments and developing strategies and tactics to effectively speak to what drives those targeted customers.

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Learn how to successfully compete with “Goliath” competitors by out-witting, out-thinking, and out-maneuvering them. Contact Mike today to plan a workshop for your organization or franchise.

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